The Ministry of Energy & Environmental

* To Galvanize and steer collective action in response to the climate and environmental protection.
* To protect the humanity, the lives and the rights of present and future generations by making the right choices like cut green house gas emissions, halt bio diversity loss and environmental degradation, adapt to rising climate change risks.
* Proper adaptation and response to combat climate change and its impact by strengthening resilience and adaptive capacity to climate related hazards.
* A healthy environmental sustainability which allows all people to live well now and in future.
* Numi supports the actions that limits or prevents greenhouse gas emissions and enhances activities that remove these gases from the atmosphere.
* Providing solutions to protect , manage and restore Numi natural resources and ecosystems which promotes human and biodiversity wellbeing.

*  Responsible for protecting , conserving and improving the Numi Kingdoms environment and natural resources.
*  Formulation of policies on environmental protection and climate change, controlling pollution and its impact on human life.
*  Planning promotion, coordination and implementation of formulated policies for environmental programs.
*  Preserve and enhance the quality of natural environment.
*  Numi Environmental team supports high quality emission, reduction projects to offset unavoidable emissions.
*  Working on conservation and restoration of Numi Kingdom land forests and wildlife which supports reduction efforts, responsibly manage and use natural resources including water and reduce and properly manage the waste generated in Numi Premises.

"Responsible leaderships and experiencing the Numi communities supporting to prepare for climate change and environmental risks and adapting proper measures locally on mitigation and adaptation measures.
Enhance our understanding the climate change and environmental risks and provide them suitable solutions.
Proper adaptation and response to combat climate change , its impact ,to strengthen resilience and adapt the policies of environmental protection." 

 The Ministry of Trade and Economic 

Minister of Energy & Environmental

* A strong Entrepreneur with an extensive experience in Energy, established few companies with global partnerships

* A Passionate leader with strong passion working in climate change and environmental protection, carbon emissions and reductions.

* Result oriented Entrepreneur driven to manage costs and establish strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with users, vendors and service providers.

* Adapt at creating strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives

* Excel at building and retaining high performance teams by hiring , developing and motivating skilled professionals project development and management in green field / Renewable energy exposure to carbon emissions , electric vehicles

* Working on harmful effects of fertilizers , over fertilization of soils which is also a part of environmental protection

* Supporting and working on Electric vehicles and many innovative technologies related to climate change and zero emission

* Heading Human Right Organizations in Foreign Affairs as Chair Person representing and participating in the system responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of Human rights in India and for addressing situations of Human rights violations and make recommendations on them. Interacting with Human rights activists and contributing growth and expansion globally.

* Heading Council of International Chamber of Commerce as Chair person Government Affairs , interacting with different country officials and representatives and relevant business organizations interested in creating commercial and trade connections with the international businesses with in the management and membership

* An accomplished Advisor and Diplomat for several Global prestigious organizations


 JUDY M.MAGU Chief Operating Officer COO- MOE - NUMI

 Strong Professional , Dynamic, Communications, Project Management and good governance skills to train , lead, inspire youth and women is her own way of contributing to a vibrant creative industry in Kenya and Africa as a whole with 18 years experience in working at Multi National Environments.

Judy has been at the forefront of Managing Development projects touching different topics such as climate change, reproductive health and education that have contributed to improved social and economic well being of the communities in the east, central and North African Regions while creating employment and training opportunities for African Professionals.

 Judy is also a part of Governing Council for Public Governance, an organization that advocates for good, accountable, peaceful and divine leadership at the national strategic office and also serving as Project Director- Mwashinani CBO/ organization that is empowering local CBOs and Kenyan communities through advocacy on sustainable use of the countries natural resources, implementing projects on renewable energy and encouraging local farmers to adopt sustainable agriculture practices 

Board Member – Focus Africa Foundation.

 Judy is a Humanitarian serving The Global Goodwill Ambassador as a Focal and Thematic Leader for Health & Education( Kenya Chapter) as well as a faculty member for GGA Virtual University that gives the youth and women an opportunity to learn and get resources that will enhance their professional skills at no fee, giving them an equal opportunity to acquire technical skills  CEO – Match Frame Media Limited. CEO- Family Resource Centre

Provides leadership and strategic vision to the Ministry of Environmental and Numi Kingdom

COO brings the operational, managerial and administrative procedures, reporting structures and operation controls to the Ministry of Environmental.

The COO will effectively communicate and foster growth 

Advises the Minister of Environmental on policy issues and on reforms to administration.

Manages the Department of Environmental 

Responsible for identifying environmental issues, recommending solutions and ensuring compliance with Kingdom and local regulations with respect to the environmental Hazards

Oversee a variety of Environmental training for all the members in the Department and local community environmental and climate change awareness. 

MUKHTAR. S.AVEZOV Chief Administrative Officer CAO – MOE- NUMI

Has a very rich experience in multiple industries typical in Russia and CIS Countries
 A well qualified Masters in International Law from Moscow State University- Faculty of Law
( USSR) 

Rich Experience of above 20 years working at senior level as typically served U.S Embassy as a Deputy Security Commander and as a Director at Art LLC Company

Excellent B2B Corporative relations in Russia & CIS countries with Government High Officials

Experienced in interacting with Environmental Investors and project developers in Russian Federation

Very rich Global exposure in diversified business verticals. 

Maintenance of the Kingdoms environmental management system for the effective deployment of environmental programs

Collecting, analyzing and managing environmental data including the quality permitting and emissions , data management, industrial discharge programs, hazardous 

Ensures the departmental administration meets established standards. 


Maldivian Energetic, Graduate in Tourism Management and certified in Drug Concealing

Bachelor of Business Management Graduate  Excellent Research and Development Skills

Global exposure in Project managing and handling in Energy and Environmental

Good experience in communicating and coordinating with Project developers and Investors

Responsible for Environmental protection for Housing for MOE.

Housing Practices that contribute to reducing the carbon foot print of building throughout their lifecycle from design, material supply, manufacturing and construction to use maintenance , refurbishment .

Green spaces around and within housing areas including areas that provide habitat for wildlife, space for leisure , sport and urban agriculture, waste management treated as an integral part of sustainable housing strategies, including housing, construction , household living with the encouragement of reuse, recycling and composting.

Ensures the departmental administration meets established standards. 

  Numi Kingdom Foreign Relations

The Gambia

Republic of Liberia


Lower Niumi

Sierra Leone

Republic of Ghana

Republic of Nigeria

Republic of India

Correspondence letter to the Kingdom of Numi


Date 08/16/2021

Hon. Amb. Moses S. Mooney
Chief of Protocol
Office of the Vice President
Republic of Liberia

Civicus Basi-Giah
Senior Executive Business Consultant
To: H.E President Weah 
Director of the National Port Authority- NPA, R.L


Kingdom of Numi Aboriginal Theocratic Kingdom
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy Relations 
To:  His Excellency: Martin Munoz Banda Jr.
To: His Majesty King Muj’Dib Jamel El’Ose TRM
To: Madame Prime Minister Lady: Janelle E. Thomas  

On behalf of the Royal Council of the Kingdom of Numi Aboriginal Theocratic Kingdom, I bring you all warm greetings and compliments to the highest esteem.

First of all, let me start by saying thank you all for your support towards a formidable diplomatic relations between the Republic of Liberia and the Numi Kingdom I want you all to know that His Royal Majesty HRM King Muj'Dib: Jamel El'Ose is passionate and keen on establishing a cordial bilateral strategic diplomatic relationship with the Government as well as the peace loving people of the Republic of Liberia through which other supports and direct investment opportunities essential for not just the economic growth of our nation Liberia but also geared towards improving the economic and social standards of our people.

Since the inception of this diplomatic process, we've been working hard to ensure this mission is achieved in the interest of both nations and citizens.

In this regard, we're gradually approaching the verge of this Win-Win establishment for which I've been mandated by Royal Decree to kindly request the professional Photos of these Elite personalities herein mentioned along with a brief summary of their roles in government to have them published on the official Royal Website of the Numi Kingdom.

Amb. Mooney and Civicus Sir

His Royal Majesty HRM King Muj'Dib: Jamel El'Ose is happy to have you and he's highly looking forward to that opportunity to finally meet with you all soon.
Looking forward to your feedback in this manner Warmest Regards

Royal Amb. Abdul C Bangura Diplomatic Consultant for Numi Kingdom
Ambassador Liberia, West Africa

"I am Moses S Mooney,

Chief of Protocol Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia.

I am fully responsible for all appointments in the office of the Vice President, meetings, travel arrangements and the day to day activities of Her Excellency Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor.

I am overwhelmed that you have expressed interest in our country for which I am more than ready to help in whatever capacity I can to bring some form of relief to my peace loving people."