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A New Beginning for a new Prime Minister

HE Ambassador Prof Dr. Alisa Schultz Whyte is a dynamic trailblazing individual who has vast experience in public and international policy. She has worked in different global initiatives as the led person amongst being the CEO and Founder of Fulfilment Empowerment Network a human development organization that has seen young people across West Africa acquire entrepreneurial skills and capital to start up SMES. Dr. Alisa is also Vice President of Save the Girl Child Advocacy, Africa. Moreover, Dr. Alisa has worked for the government of U.S.A and Guyana as Career counselor, operations manager and self- sufficiency specialist. Running the operations of government services in Arizona State. Or Alisa is a multi- award winning, international bestselling author, a Transformational rainer.

While Dr Alisa is streamlining and growing her business in the USA; Dr. Alisa works as an avid global philanthropist. humanitarian and a global business leader providing advice, leadership, and consultation to NGOs in India, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Dubai, and other countries, Alisa has led advanced training and workshops in leadership and Entrepreneurship to youths in Africa while collaborating to establish school buildings and educational resources for students from kindergarten through elementary In the USA where Dr. Alisa eadership and Master Mindset Coach, an resides, she has launched her international Motivational Speaker and online academy (FEN)Add more infor.