World Royal Summit 2023

 Events for 2023

The World Royal Summit will take place in Atlanta, Georgia in August 2023 Now is the time to start planning. We will provide you with more information in the coming months There will be a link posted on Eventbrite

Welcome to our Events for 2022

Welcome to our Events for 2022 “Royal TEARS OF PASSION Cherish the Dream of Unity and Love" Numi-Numidia Kingdom and AIDO Network International will hold the “Royal Unity and Love” historic pilgrimage - bringing African Kings and Queens to meet her children in The Americas. This grand royal summit will be held from August 24 – 28, 2022, in Atlanta, GA. Simultaneous preparatory activities commenced on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean with immediate effect with AIDO’s chapters in countries on the African Continent drumming up enthusiasm for Kings and Queens to engage in necessary Royal Cultural Rites. The “Royal Unity and Love” grand summit will also be AIDO’s fourth annual convention.

In addition to the royals’ main mission of embracing their Diaspora children, participants will take part in business exploratory networking talks, visit special historical sites and monuments, and share in a quality time with African cultural icons and business leaders. News of the royal visit and grand summit has been greeted with an unprecedented wave of interest and support from the countries of the CARICOM (Caribbean Community and Common Market). This conference will have many international cultures displays and several speakers from around the globe to discuss:
1) African cultural diversity and how the governments can be involved in bringing the change.

2) Humanity programs development and exchanges.

3) Education and Training seminars for the African Diaspora.

4) Business exploratory networking.

5) 5 days Exchange Trading Store open to the public of Africa and America Artifacts/Crafts.

6) The VIP Royal Banquet on August 27, 2022 ~ Coronation ceremony of the King and Queen of the African Diaspora of the United States of America performed by the African Royal House."