The Ministry of Economy and Trade, Industry Affairs 

Vision and Mission Statement 

 The Ministry of Economy & Trade, Industry is the lead policy advisor to Kingdom government on trade, industrial and private sector development with responsibility for the formulation and implementation of policies for the promotion, growth and development of domestic and international trade and industry. Carried out by encouraging cooperation from personnel in various areas of expertise; promoting comprehensive efforts that bridge various areas and industries; generating new, value-added visitor and cultural exchange services; and developing the infrastructure for the new market for the services.

Minister of Trade and Economy:
Mr. Obafemi Richard Jegede

This Ministry is also responsible for promoting growth and development of the economy through the formulation and implementation of appropriate policies to attract investment, increase trade, develop and expand the country's industrial base.

Ministry Objectives and Goals:
1. To promote economic and trade activities through a structured approach for wealth creation among World Trade Countries with positive impacts to the Numi Kingdom.

2. Creating prosperity in business and effective business management in a friendly business environment to improve the standard of living of the people of Numi Kingdom.

3. To establish and regulate commodity and trade standards for the Numi Kingdom.

4. To collect, evaluate, and publish data pertaining to Commerce and Industry.

5. To establish and enforce standards for business practices in the Numi Kingdom.

6. To promote sound trade relationship development of Foreign and Domestic trade.

7. Responsible for the growth and development of Numi Kingdom's Economy and international trade relations.

8. Initiate and formulate policies, taking into account the needs and aspirations of the people of Numi Kingdom.

His Excellency: Mr. Obafemi Richard Jegede

Deputy Minister of Trade and Economy

Songül Arslan is an economist, international relations and international business specialist with a passion for strategic alignment.

She holds Master Degrees in these three areas.

She has experience in both working for the public sector (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Finance), as well as the private sector (Shell, PwC) and has worked and lived in several countries, among others the US, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium.

She has experience with economic diplomacy and knows how to achieve internationalization for businesses that want to go global. Currently, she resides in London.

International cooperation and international development is one of her passions. Let me know if you need anything else. Many thanks.


Her Excellency: Ms. Songül Arslan

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Support the Minister in his position with advice on the international trade and economy and the potential role that the Numi Kingdom can play in it.

2. Prospect economic opportunities to execute the economic agenda of the Ministry to build an economic basis for the Numi Kingdom and from there on grow the economy and economic opportunities.

3. Support the Minister in making the Numi Kingdom an attractive investment option for countries, organizations, businesses and other stakeholders.

4. Creating an overview of the trade and economic opportunities of the Numi Kingdom for the Ministry that will entice investments. In addition, promoting these opportunities through the actions below.

5. Cooperating with other Team members and with other teams in developed markets to translate the Numi Kingdom opportunities into actual investments into the Kingdom.

6. Engage with international trade and economic stakeholders in the field so they consider investing through the opportunities of the Numi Kingdom.

7. Ensure that the activities that we are undertaking are coherent, enforce and stimulate each other and work in alignment for the benefit of the Numi Kingdom.

8. Working together with the Public Affairs to promote the economic opportunities of the Kingdom in the media.  

Financial Manager of Trade and Economy

Financial Manager, is seasoned Chartered Accountant and an Associate Member of ICAN.

He holds a BSc. Accounting from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State.

He had acquired experiences that spanned across many sectors of the economy and occupied various positions among them are; Three Points Manufacturing Company, Lagos as Accounts Manager, Tastee Fried Chicken Lagos as Senior Manager (Internal Audit), Motorway Group of Company, Lagos as Finance Manager and Kay Global Limited (Oil and Gas Service Company) as Finance Manager.

He is currently the Chief Finance Officer for Financial Trust Company Limited Lagos, Nigeria.

Role and Responsibilities:
1. Preparation of the Ministry annual or periodic financial budget.

2. Keeping record of all inflow into the ministry.

3. Keeping record / track of all expenditure incurred during the period.

4. Periodic review of Actual performance in line with budget.

5. Construct , install and monitor internal control in the system.

6. Preparation of Periodic finance report of the ministry.

7. Review the financial strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of the ministry periodically. 

 Mr. Amusan Akinlolu Ige

Chief Operating Officer of Trade and Economy 

Chief Operating Officer is a seasoned professional with 20 years of working experience in the Banking and Financial Services Industry and he has worked in Three (3) Most Respectable and 1st Tier Banks in Nigeria.

He started his banking career with First Bank of Nigeria Ltd in 2001 and he worked in various departments of the bank such as Branch Operations, Compliance, and Consumer Finance.

He joined Guaranty Trust Bank Plc in 2007 to drive their Retail Banking and he worked in various major branches in Lagos Central of the Bank. He advanced his career in 2012 to join Access Bank Plc and worked in the Business Banking Directorate at their various branches as Relationship Manager.

He later joined Advans La Fayette Micro-Finance Bank, French internationally owned Micro-Finance Bank as the Pioneer Deposit & Financial Services Manager and he also worked briefly with Electronic Payplus Ltd as Head, Sales & Marketing. He holds B.Sc. Business Administration from Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State in 1998 and MBA Management from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria in 2005.

He is an Associate Member of the Nigeria Institute of Management (Chartered). NIM. He is currently the Head, Operations & Marketing of Financial Trust Company Nigeria Ltd. He is happily married with 3 kids, a girl, and 2 boys.

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. To develop and implement actionable Operations strategies & Plans that ensure alignment with short-term and long-term objectives developed in the Ministry and the Kingdom.

2. To establish policies and procedures that promote Ministry culture, Mission and vision.

3. To oversee day-to-day Operations activities of the Ministry and the work of the Honorable Minister of Trade Economic Development Commission.

4. To set comprehensive objectives/goals for economic growth and success of the Ministry of Trade And Economic Development of the Numi Kingdom.

5. To maintain and build trusted strategic relationships management with key partners and stakeholders.

6. To aggressively manage Ministry Capital investment and expenses to ensure the Ministry achieves investors’ targets relative to growth and profitability.

7. To analyze internal operations of the Ministry and identify areas of process enhancement.

8. To monitor performance with tracking and establish corrective measures as needed, and prepare detailed reports, both current and forecasting on projects.

 Mr. Lawrence Adefemi Adekoya

Project Manager Officer of Trade and Economy

Project Manager has more than 18yrs of corporate service experience spanning across various industries namely, Media, ICT, Insurance, Medical, Logistics, Mining, Advertising, Import/Export Development and Telecommunications.

His personal expertise is to develop 4IR commercial business strategy for small to large enterprises and international companies, developing intellectual property blueprint operational models, developing revenue generation models, developing market and competitor analysis and commercial trade strategies.

This also includes developing B2B and B2C business systems and processes as part of the business development project management cycles and lifespan for consumer products, corporate brands and public sector departments. Lennox has expertise in development and identification of new markets, development of “Go-To” market strategies and developing/managing investor funding proof of concepts, project pilots and business model viability case studies.

He also has a skill to identify and appoint suitable sector based and project funding, investment and venture capital partners for any type of commercial project within the African continent and its various trade regions.

His diverse commercial business development experience and track record complimented by thorough understanding of global business management trends and financial markets makes him a suitable and ideal managing partner to serve as a Numi Kingdom Trade and Economic Development Investor Relations Project Manager and Media Strategist for the SADC region, North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and South American markets respectively.

Lennox Mokwena will be managing and executing Numi Kingdom Trade and Economic development operations and programmes with a mandate and objective to generate new investment opportunities and projects for the kingdom while driving and implementing the Numi Kingdoms’ vision, strategy, and oversee/manage all the partner investor, stakeholder and foreign state bilateral relations and executive project management systems and processes implementation within the SADC region and abroad. 

Role and Responsibilities:
1. To develop Numi Kingdom inward investment and agenda across the world

2. To develop and implement activities related to promoting foreign direct investment.

3.Support the ministry administration and management teams as requested by the Minister.

4. Prospect foreign companies to internationalize the kingdom.

5. Follow up with companies already in the pipeline to set up their operations in the kingdom.

6. Update our client relationship management system on a regular basis.

7. Issue reports and research as requested related to investments.

8. Represent the investment team in absence of the minister.

9. Travel with the minister to current and potential market regions to support clients internationalizing, prospect new companies to invest in the kingdom and attend events on behalf of the Department of Trade and Economic Commission.

10. Collaborate with other teams in developed markets to deliver investments in the kingdom.

11. monitoring overall progress and use of resources, initiating corrective action where necessary.

12. liaison with appointed project assurance representatives to assure the overall direction and integrity of the project.

13. To handle all ministry projects from planning, monitoring to implementation.

14. To give detailed reports and feedback on all ministry projects. 13. managing the production of the required deliverables.

"Thank you for the opportunity and looking forward to being in the team and helping you build a legacy for the Numi people and for making history together as we make the lives of millions much better and making a difference in the world."

 Mr. Lennox Mokwena

  Numi Kingdom Foreign Relations

The Gambia

Republic of Liberia


Lower Niumi

Sierra Leone

Republic of Ghana

Republic of Nigeria

Republic of India

Correspondence letter to the Kingdom of Numi


Date 08/16/2021

Hon. Amb. Moses S. Mooney
Chief of Protocol
Office of the Vice President
Republic of Liberia

Civicus Basi-Giah
Senior Executive Business Consultant
To: H.E President Weah 
Director of the National Port Authority- NPA, R.L


Kingdom of Numi Aboriginal Theocratic Kingdom
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy Relations 
To:  His Excellency: Martin Munoz Banda Jr.
To: His Majesty King Muj’Dib Jamel El’Ose TRM
To: Madame Prime Minister Lady: Janelle E. Thomas  

On behalf of the Royal Council of the Kingdom of Numi Aboriginal Theocratic Kingdom, I bring you all warm greetings and compliments to the highest esteem.

First of all, let me start by saying thank you all for your support towards a formidable diplomatic relations between the Republic of Liberia and the Numi Kingdom I want you all to know that His Royal Majesty HRM King Muj'Dib: Jamel El'Ose is passionate and keen on establishing a cordial bilateral strategic diplomatic relationship with the Government as well as the peace loving people of the Republic of Liberia through which other supports and direct investment opportunities essential for not just the economic growth of our nation Liberia but also geared towards improving the economic and social standards of our people.

Since the inception of this diplomatic process, we've been working hard to ensure this mission is achieved in the interest of both nations and citizens.

In this regard, we're gradually approaching the verge of this Win-Win establishment for which I've been mandated by Royal Decree to kindly request the professional Photos of these Elite personalities herein mentioned along with a brief summary of their roles in government to have them published on the official Royal Website of the Numi Kingdom.

Amb. Mooney and Civicus Sir

His Royal Majesty HRM King Muj'Dib: Jamel El'Ose is happy to have you and he's highly looking forward to that opportunity to finally meet with you all soon.
Looking forward to your feedback in this manner Warmest Regards

Royal Amb. Abdul C Bangura Diplomatic Consultant for Numi Kingdom
Ambassador Liberia, West Africa

"I am Moses S Mooney,

Chief of Protocol Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia.

I am fully responsible for all appointments in the office of the Vice President, meetings, travel arrangements and the day to day activities of Her Excellency Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor.

I am overwhelmed that you have expressed interest in our country for which I am more than ready to help in whatever capacity I can to bring some form of relief to my peace loving people.

Welcome to our Diplomatic Mission

Numi Kingdom, Diplomatic mission consulate headed by an Crown's Honorary Consul is a diplomatic mission headed by an Crown's  Honorary Consul which provides a large range of services. 

A diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or sovereign as the resident representative of his or her own government or sovereign or appointed for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment