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 Numi Kingdom Global Enterprises works with a diverse range of individuals and global corporations, offering clients a unique  perspective, rooted in a sense of independence, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Building a Better Tomorrow

Numi Kingdom Experience
A large part of delivering a superior client experience, and  culture, is that we fundamentally believe our clients have to like us, trust us, and believe in us, in order to create the most valuable partnership. As such, our people, driven by our values and our service of excellence and business  culture,  we are constantly focused on our services above all else.

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The Kingdom Vision "Numi City"

"Saving our Planet"

"Establishing Business Relationships is our Goal"

We are committed to providing you with an elevated client experience in a professional and responsive way.  We get personal with our clients’  to establish a mutual business relationship. The results are better, the experience is better.  We make an extra effort to make the people a priority. Helping you find a solution to your problem or simply establishing funding, we here at Numi aim to get the job done so that your business thrives.

About Us

We are committed to providing our clients with an elevated client experience in a professional and responsive way. We get personal with our clients’ to establish a mutual business relationship.
We make an extra effort to make the people a priority. Numi Kingdom offers a variety of services, all in the, including: Real Estate and Infrastructure Founded in 2018, Numi is distinguished by its outstanding client service.

Its team of experts, and its singular commitment to providing innovative, tailored solutions for complex situations has helped several companies find solutions to their problems.
Numi works with a diverse range of individuals and global corporations offering clients a unique perspective, rooted in a sense of independence, with an unwavering commitment to excellence. We are currently in collaboration with TBLD Development Corporation, Cherry Tree Enterprises, and Ga Ameri Plus Limited. Change is evident for a safer and cleaner planet while sharing a unique technology, along with focusing our attention on our youth for a new tomorrow with new ideas.

Numi Kingdom Green City planning

Numi Kingdom Green City

Numi Kingdom Global Enterprises Corp. will be a designer and builder of green City in addressing a growing demand for affordable living with a reduced environmental impact. Increased consumer awareness of environmental issues has driven demand for green cities, creating a new market segment within the housing industry. Numi will be a modern green city, inclusive of a rich architectural which is African heritage, made to resemble the Alhambra of Spain a time capsule for all to see.

Created by the Africans of yesterday, we will combine the past with the present. Numi will provide an eco-system of natural, beautiful, and vibrant culture using a plethora of green plants that purify the water and air. The Numi City will be a place for people who want quality of life, quality of service, which is inclusive of all who want a tranquil place to live or visit.

The cost to build the Numi City is estimated at $45 billion to $55 billion, the population is estimated to be 300,000 to 500,000 and international access will be a day away from major cities. Transportation in the city will be effective with the use of electric cars and self-propelled cars to minimize the use of fuel to help alleviate emissions of carbon in our city. The city will have mechanisms for efficient water and electricity, sanitation, and sewage. While using sustainable infrastructures we can reduce the impact on the environment by using effective resources to reduce our carbon footprint and increase the quality of life.

State-of-the-art Homes and Commercial buildings 

Numi prides itself on building successful lasting relationships, and working diligently with its partners. Whether it be signing a treaty or simply working in the community, keeping our minds focused is the order of the day. Numi's goal is to build relationships home and abroad which are beneficial to all involved. Numi will build trust, live in honor and integrity with family and friends. We know we all might not see eye to eye at times but we must keep our goals in front of us so that we may reach our mark, effectively and efficiently.

That's why Numi works hard in finding the right people who want to work together in this epic work. This is not small feat, for we work not by bread alone. It takes those special relationships who are willing to see each others vision and invest and bring about change in all areas of the world. Everyone wants change but, change comes with working together to make a difference.

Our Green City construction will be a contractor specializing in creating quality, comfortable, and affordable Commercial buildings and homes for the buyer concerned for our environment, the future, and simplifying the way we live. We compete with other green builders, marketing to homebuyers and business owners who are interested in Green City. Customers will prefer us over those of other builders because of our excellent designs, lower prices, shorter construction time and lower environmental impact over the entire building life cycle. Our company sustainable construction materials, methods, and renewable energy sources to form a systems approach to Architectural design. Building an energy efficient solar City goes beyond providing additional layers of insulation and installing more windows facing south. It requires integrating all the City and Community systems that can benefit from solar energy without compromising aesthetics or construction quality.

Numi City Community

Global competition, Global temperature change, changing regulations, a tight labor market and rising energy costs...the pressures facing manufacturers continue to challenge the industry and impact the value of your business. Our goal is to develop a Numi City, built with shipping containers and other organic materials. 

We are striving to reach out around the world to give families a world class sustainable state of the art City. This is an opportunity for communities to come together and show the world how to live with less. Our carbon footprint will be our karma, if we do not learn how to recycle, to save our planet. At Numi, we want to share this knowledge abroad and in our own communities.

It is important to know that less is more. Our mission is to work with sponsors who see our vision, and want to make our project doable, so that children and their families can count on a future living in a clean environment without harm. Join us as we help communities across the world one family at a time.

Numi Kingdom City 


Numi Towers 

Numi Kingdom Green City "selling  floods"

Selling floors to investors

Many times a buyer is confused as to which floor is the best for Commercial or Home. Most of global cities are now growing vertically, as the population in cities is rising and the space to accommodate the growing number remains limited. So, real estate developers in globally are developing high-rise projects, both in luxury and affordable categories, to reach out to a large number of buyers across different income groups.

More information about the Numi Kingdom Green city go to my PDF file

Numi Green City planning proposal. pdf