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The Crown Royal Courts

The Royal Council determines the general direction of the Numi Kingdom Monarchy Government is structured in Kingdom activities and ensures coordinated and purposeful work of the Royal Courts in the Numi Kingdom. 

List of Royal Courts
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I. Court of Foreign Affairs ( COFA)

II. Court of Finance (COF)

III. Court of Information and Technology (COIT)

IV. Court of Health (COH)

V. Court of Energy and Environment (CORE)

VI. Courtof Trade and Economic Development (COTED)

VII. Court of Women, Children, and Youth (COWCY)

VIII. Court  of  Education (COE)

IX. Court of Justice (COJ)

X. Court of Art and Culture (COAC)

XI. Court of Public Relations (COPR)

XII. Court of Domestic Affairs (CODA)

XIV. Court of UN Relations (COUR)

XV.  Court of Correspondence (COC)

XVI. Court of Kingdom Defense and MMI Security (COKDM)
           (Mauri Military intelligence)

XVII. Court of Domestic Affairs (CODA)

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His majesty:
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Her Majesty:
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Administrative offices that service Courts of the Crown which are within that description of Monarchy Kingdom departments for the Kingdom of Numi.

Sovereign Authority:
The King of Numi exercises His sovereign authority by following the provisions in the Royal Chair Constitution of the King's word and legislation. It represents the Kingdom in matters pertaining to foreign powers. A total or partial review of the Constitution is subject to joint agreement by the King and the King's Royal Council and The Royal Courts, an assembly elected by Numidian citizens.

Legislative power is shared between the Royal Council who initiates laws and the Royal Council that passes them. Executive power is under the supreme authority of the King, and the Kingdom is governed by a King's Royal Council who represents the Royal Courts the Monarchy Kingdom System assists.

The King's Royal Council and the Kingdom System are responsible to the King for the administration of the Kingdom. In law, judicial power is held by the King. The present Royal Chair Constitution of the King's word delegates the entire exercise of these powers to the courts and tribunals that dispense justice in His name the King.

The other prerogatives of the Sovereign:
The Sovereign also exercises the right to grant pardon and amnesty, naturalization and recovery of the Numidian nationality. Lastly, the reigning King bestows orders, titles, and other distinctions. The Sovereign King is assisted in exercising certain constitutional prerogatives by the Royal Council. It can be consulted by the King on issues relating to State interests. The Royal Council expresses an opinion on Bills and draft Ordinances that are submitted to it for examination by the King. It may also be consulted on other matters. 

Monarchy Kingdom System responsibilities:
Drafting Bills Although legislation is initiated by the King, the Royal Council of Monarchy Kingdom System has the task of presenting the King with new Bills, following their signature by the King Royal Council . Regulatory powers Having the task of implementing laws, overseeing the civil service, and maintaining public order, the Monarchy Kingdom Systems possesses regulatory powers for these purposes. As for legislation, regulatory powers consist of laying down general measures. There are two types of regulatory instruments: Sovereign Ordinances which most often have the purpose of implementing legislation and only become enforceable once they have been signed by the Sovereign and published in the official Gazette, the Journal de' Numidia Ministerial Decrees that implement legislation, and Sovereign Ordinances and that only become enforceable if no opposition is expressed by the King within the ten days following their circulation by the King Royal Council .  

The King and the Royal Council, the Royal Court General Responsibilities Under the Royal Chair Constitution of the King's word, the Royal Council of Monarchy Government have been given the eminent mission of running the Kingdom. In this regard, the Royal Council of Monarchy Government and the Royal Court is under Monarchy Government institutions. The King is the commander of the Royal Military intelligence (RMI) and The Crown force under direct orders from the King. Royal Council is responsible for general policing and the maintenance of public order. The King oversees the scrupulous implementation of Ordinances. 

The Royal Chair Constitution of the King's word establishes the principle of 'delegated justice' - the King holds judicial power, and He delegates the entire exercise of these powers to the Royal Indigenous Courts that dispense justice in His name. Separating administrative, legislative, and judicial functions, this principle is substantially different from that of 'retained justice' by which, in the past, the sovereign exercised judicial powers himself. The independence of magistrates, which is an essential precondition for the independence of justice, is guaranteed by the Royal Chair Constitution of the King's word. The judges are irrevocable - they cannot be removed, suspended, or transferred as can civil servants. The law establishes the status of magistrates, the organization, jurisdiction, and operation of the King Royal Indigenous Courts and lays down principles giving defendants the best guarantees of impartial treatment and expertise: collegiate nature of the Royal Indigenous Courts, separation of prosecution and investigation in criminal matters, a three-tier Tribunal Royal Indigenous Court structure, and avenues of appears.


Grand Chancellor
Mr. Al Bartell

The Grand Chancellor is the senior-most member of the Numi Kingdom Royal cabinet in the executive of the Kingdom government in a body political system. The Grand Chancellor selects and can dismiss members of the Royal cabinet; allocates posts to members within the Kingdom Kingdom; and is the presiding member and chairperson of the Royal cabinet of Numi Kingdom.