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The whole field of nobility and royalty is in disarray and confusion. It is rife with falsehoods, misguided experts, phony princes, and counterfeit chivalric orders. Besides the numerous scams and charlatans, there is a widespread misunderstanding of the international and natural laws governing dynastic rights. This is a truly divided field. This sad situation need not continue. If international law is honored, revered, and respected, everything can be appropriately set. The grand key to this needed unity is the rule of the just, time-honored laws that already exist.

The Problem and the Purpose the International Commission of Affairs on Royalty and Nobility was conceived initially to protect the field of nobility and royalty from modern-day pirates who impersonate and, by their fraudulent declarations, defame and denigrate those who hold original titles and valid claims. Education through articles is the chief means The Ministry of Domestic Affairs will use to defend and preserve the field from the sinister forces presently besieging it and denigrating its members. Regrettably, thousands of people with phony titles of nobility claim royal or noble descent.

They are masquerading as genuine titleholders throughout the earth. Some thirty or more foul organizations are deceitfully pumping out hundreds of counterfeit title holders, and at least forty-plus self-appointed phony orders of chivalry exist -- giving out imitation knighthoods rather than authentic ones. By the turn of the century, this kind of fraud has more than quadrupled.

The problem is not only are they fake, but title inflation cheapens the greatness of honest people who hold original titles and genuine honors. Another way this hurts what is real is that many of these self-deceived impersonators believe they are suddenly high class and give out bad examples, making what look bad. Instead of being unpretentious and dignified, they are, to some degree, showy, high-minded, and arrogant, which behavior turns people off, such that those who deal with them tend to consider all title holders with disdain as snobby individuals.

The legitimate nobles are not this way, but it is often quite challenging to discern the actual and natural from the fakes without specialized knowledge -- hence, the existence and importance of this webpage. The International Commission Others claim illustrious ancestors based on nothing more than family fairy tales or vague legends passed down through the generations or because of evil, greedy men who sell unproven pedigrees on the internet to the unwary and unguarded. In general, internet fraud is a frightening and growing problem. The Internet Crime Complaint Center reported over $500 million in fraud in 2010. This considerable amount only expresses what has been complained about to the authorities. Much more fraud occurred -- probably seven to eight times as much but was never reported.

This kind of crime is rampant and epidemic. It also exists in the field of nobility and royalty. It is an unfortunate and undeniable fact that we live in a day of increasing frauds, bogus titles, and scoundrels who plunder and take advantage of the innocent and the ignorant. Hence, we have an effective organization designed to help protect the public and safeguard it from the lies and deceit of self-proclaimed title consultants, fake knighthoods, and unaccredited genealogists. Another threat to the field is the domestic or nationalistic belief that any title of nobility given by a former sovereign house in current times is for private use only and has no worth or value because no government will recognize it. However, under international law, deposed royal houses are legally sovereign and, therefore, can preserve those rights by obedience to the rules that maintain them intact from generation to generation. 

(Please see the article DEPOSED SOVEREIGNTY AND ROYALTY: how to hold it and how to lose it) Introduction of the International Commission of Affairs on Royalty and Nobility has been organized under the office of The Ministry of Domestic Affairs (NK). It was with the idea of protecting the public as a professional association or licensing board would. It is set up to expose false nobility or make-believe titles but to educate people so they can recognize counterfeiters. Some create unique websites and mislead very skillfully.

The International Commission and the Ministry of Domestic Affairs Another equally important priority is promoting the ideals of nobility, royalty, and monarchy in modern times, including its illustrious past, future, and potential to benefit all humankind. (see "Ideals" and "Monarchy and Nobility: Divine Rights & Responsibilities") This is a fundamental priority. We have the ambition of making it eminently apparent to all people that constitutional monarchy is a choice that has brought prosperity and stability to most of the wealthiest and most democratic nations on earth -- countries that are doing an outstanding job of protecting our most precious of rights as human beings -- principles such as life, liberty and the free pursuit of happiness. To effectively combat the identified threats to nobility and royalty and promote the immense potential for good that monarchy can create, we invite people everywhere to become members through donations to enable us to fulfill our essential purposes.

To become fully operational, accomplish our mission, to make a real difference in the world, we need your support. No one makes a salary in this organization. Everyone is a volunteer, from the president on down. Every little contribution means expanding and enlarging our operations to measure up to the immense task that is before us. Your help is needed and wanted. Please make the future brighter and contribute. How to Identify a Scam and Thus Protect Yourself The Ministry of Domestic Affairs There are plenty of scammers or self-deceived people on the world wide web. Part of our focus is on those selling fake titles or knighthoods or impersonating what is genuine. Please see the articles "Fake Titles and Counterfeits," "Title of Nobility Scams," and "Orders of Chivalry" for information on how to recognize if a person or organization is bogus or authentic. In addition, their claim is empty and fraudulent if there is no real "de jure" sovereignty behind a self-proclaimed prince.

The article "Sovereignty & The Future of Nobility and Royalty" and DEPOSED SOVEREIGNTY AND ROYALTY: how to preserve and lose it specifies the legal requirements necessary for a factual claim under international law. If the self-proclaimed prince or order of chivalry does not square with the law regarding the preservation of sovereignty, the so-called prince or knighthood is a counterfeit or imitation. Other helpful markers are: "If the offer of an "opportunity" appears too good to be true, it probably is." Follow standard business practices. For example, a legitimate business rarely conducts in cash on a street corner. Know who you are dealing with. If you have not heard of a person, so-called prince, or order of chivalry that you intend to do business with, learn more about them. Depending on the amount of money you intend to spend, you may want to visit the business location, check with the Better Business Bureau, or consult with your bank, an attorney, the police, or the FBI fraud center. Make sure you fully understand any business agreement that you enter into. If the terms are complex, have them reviewed by a competent attorney.

Be wary of businesses that operate out of post office boxes or mail drops and do not have a street address. Dealing with persons who do not have a telephone line, are not licensed by the city and state in which they operate, or have no other solid and reliable ways of contacting them is questionable.

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List of current monarchs of sovereign states

Entries below are listed beside their respective dominions, which are organized alphabetically. These monarchs reign as heads of state in their individual sovereign states. Monarchs reigning over a constituent division, cultural or traditional polity are listed under constituent monarchs. For a list of former ruling families or abolished thrones, see: former ruling families.

*Charles III, King of the United Kingdom 
*Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei Margrethe II
*Queen of Denmark Naruhito
Naruhito, Emperor of Japan
*Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein
*Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar
Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates
Pope Francis
*Albert II, Prince of Monaco 
*Muja 'Dib Jamel El 'Osiris-Sori-Oser مجديب جميل العسر High King of African Diaspora