Welcome to the Kingdom of African diaspora Numi

The Kingdom of the African Diaspora refers to a cultural and political monarchy that seeks to unite people of African descent, who are dispersed throughout the world, as a cultural and political entity. The monarchy draws inspiration from the pre-colonial kingdoms of Africa and seeks to reclaim and celebrate the cultural heritage and political power of the African diaspora. The African diaspora refers to the dispersal of people of African descent throughout the world, particularly through the Atlantic slave trade. Today, people of African descent can be found in many countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The Kingdom of the African Diaspora monarchy seeks to promote unity and political empowerment among people of African descent, and to celebrate and reclaim the cultural heritage of the African diaspora.

Numi-Numidia monarchy (Royal House of El'Sori-Oser) 8th generation of Grandfather Abdul Rahman Ibrahima ibn Sori, to the current monarch Muja 'Dib Jamel El’Sori 

History of the African Diaspora

Definition: The African Diaspora refers to the dispersal of people of African descent throughout the world, including those who were forcibly displaced through the transatlantic slave trade as well as those who have migrated voluntarily.

Historical context: The African Diaspora has roots in the transatlantic slave trade, which forcibly brought millions of Africans to the Americas, the Caribbean, and Europe. In the centuries that followed, people of African descent have continued to migrate, settle, and establish communities in many parts of the world.

Cultural diversity: The African Diaspora is a culturally diverse community, with different groups having their own distinct customs, traditions, languages, and religious practices. Despite these differences, people of African descent have also developed a shared sense of history, identity, and experience, and have worked to preserve and promote their cultural heritage.

Political activism: The African Diaspora has been involved in various political and social movements, including anti-colonial and anti-apartheid struggles, civil rights movements, and Pan-Africanism. Many people of African descent are also involved in ongoing efforts to address issues such as racial inequality, economic disparity, and cultural preservation.

Modern-day African Diaspora: Today, the African Diaspora includes people of African descent living in many parts of the world, including Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, and other regions. There are also various organizations and networks that aim to connect and empower people of African descent and promote their interests.