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YAFGHANISTAN: HM King Mohammad Zahir Shah passed away in the Summer of 2007 Heir: HRH Crown Prince Ahmed Shah Khan ( Mohammed_Zahir_Shah)

ALBANIA: HM King Leka I / Heir: HRH Crown Prince Keka (, _Crown_Prince_of_Albania)

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( _II_of_the_United_Kingdom)

ASIA (The "de jure" sovereign kings, emirs, etc. of various former little nations --- too many to keep track of) (See: "Royal News," December 2007) AUSTRALIA: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( _II_of_the_United_Kingdom)

AUSTRIA-HUNGRY: HIRH Archduke Otto von Hapsburg, Royal Prince of Bohemia (The archduke passed away and there is a dispute over the so-called heir, whose qualification do not fit with the House statues or family constitutional law of succession) (

BAHAMAS: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( _II_of_the_United_Kingdom)

BARBADOS: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( _II_of_the_United_Kingdom)

BAHRAIN: HM King Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa / Heir: HH Crown Prince Shaikh Sulman bin Hamad al-Khalifa ( _ibn_Isa_Al_Khalifah)

BELGIUM: HM King Philippe / Heir: Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant (

BELIZE: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( _II_of_the_United_Kingdom)

BHUTAN: HM King Jigme Singye Wangchuck / Heir: HRH Dasho Kesar Jigme Wangchuk ( /04/kings-of-bhutan.html) ( -100-years-of-monarchy)

BRAZIL: HIRH the Prince Dom Pedro Carlos of Orleans and Bragança / Heir: HIH Prince Pedro Thiago of Orléans-Braganza ( _Carlos_of_Orl%C3%A9ans-Braganza)

BRAZIL: HIRH Prince Dom Luís of Orléans-Braganza / Heir: HIRH Prince Dom Bertrand of Orléans-Braganza ( BRUNEI: HM Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei and Yang Di-Pertuan of Negara Darussalam / Heir: HRH Crown Prince Muda Haji al-Muhtadee Billah ibni Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu (

BULGARIA: HM King Simeon II, elected Prime Minister 2001 / Heir: HRH Crown Prince Kardám, Prince of Tirnovo ( /Royal/Simeon) BURUNDI: HRH Crown Princess Rose Paula Iribagiza / Heir: Prince Charles Muhirwa ( inpower/Womeninpower1970.htm) CAMBODIA: HM King Norodom Sihamoni of Cambodia ( (

CANADA: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( _II_of_the_United_Kingdom) DENMARK: HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark / Heir: HRH Crown Prince Frederik ( /RoyalDenmark) (

EGYPT: HM King Ahmed Fouad II / Heir: Prince Muhammad Ali ( ( ETHIOPIA: HIH Crown Prince Zera Yacob Amha-Selassie (

FRANCE: The Royal House: HRH Prince Henri Philippe Pierre Marie d'Orléans, Comte de Paris, "de jure" King of France / Heir: HRH Jean, Duke of Vendôme—designated "regent" for his older brother: HRH Prince François, Count of Clermont. (

FRANCE: A Competing Royal House: HRH Prince Luis Alfonso Gonzalo Víctor Manuel Marco de Borbón y Martínez-Bordiú, Duke of Anjou, Duke of Bourbon and Duke of Touraine / Heir presumptive: HM King Carlos I of Spain (, _Duke_of_Anjou)

FRANCE: The Imperial House: HIH Prince Charles Napoléon / Heir: HIH Prince Jean-Christophe Louis Ferdinand Albéric Napoléon (
( _Bonaparte)

GEORGIA: HRH Prince Nugzar Bagration-Gruzinsky / Heir: HRH Princess Anna Bagration-Gruzinsky (See: "The Royal Line of Kings and True Successors of the Kingdom of Georgia") (See also: "A Statement Issued by the Chancellery of the Royal House of Georgia")

GERMANY--Anhalt: HH Julius Eduard, Duke of Anhalt (,_Prince _of_Anhalt)

GERMANY--Baden: HDGH Maximilian Andreas Friedrich Gustav Ernst August Bernhard, Grand Duke of Baden / Designated Heir: Bernhard, Hereditary Prince of Baden (, _Margrave_of_Baden)

GERMANY--Bavaria: HRH Duke Franz von Bayern / Heir: HRH Prince Max-Emanuel Ludwig Maria Herzog in Bayern, Duke in Bavaria (

GERMANY--Hanover & Bruswick: HRH Prince Ernst August V / Heir: HRH Prince Ernst August of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (

GERMANY--Hesse: HRH Prince Moritz Friedrich Karl Emanuel Humbert Landgraf of Hessen-Kassel, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine / Heir: HRH Prince Donatus of Hesse (, _Landgrave_of_Hesse)

GERMANY--Lippe-Biesterfeld: HSH Friedrich Wilhelm, Prince of Lippe (This is contested by HSH Prince Armin of Lippe who renounced his rights in 1953)
(, _Prince_of_Lippe)

GERMANY--Mecklenburg-Schwerin & Strelitz: HIRH Prince Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg / Heir presumptive: HRH Prince Christian-Sigmund of Prussia GERMANY--Oldenburg: HRH Anton Günther, Grand Duke of Oldenburg / Heir: HRH Christian, Duke of Oldenburg (,_Duke_of_Oldenburg)

GERMANY--Prussia: HRIH Prince Georg Friedrich / Heir presumptive: HRH Prince Christian-Sigmund of Prussia (

GERMANY--Reuss-Schleiz: Heinrich VIII GERMANY--Reuss-Schleiz-Köstritz: HSH Prince Heinrich IV GERMANY--Saxe-Coburg and Gotha: HSH Andreas Michael Friedrich Hans Armin Siegfried Hubertus / Heir: HSH Hubertus, Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (, _Prince_of_Saxe-Coburg_and_Gotha)

GERMANY--Saxe-Meiningen: HSH Prince Johann Friedrich Konrad Carl Eduard Horst Arnold Matthias Prinz von Sachsen-Meiningen, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen / Heir: HSH Princess Feodora of Saxe-Meiningen ( _Konrad_of_Saxe-Meiningen)

GERMANY--Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach: HSH Prince Michael-Benedict, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach ( _Weimar_Royal_Family.htm)

GERMANY--Saxony: HRH Prince Maria Emanuel, Margrave of Meissen / Heir: HRH Alexander Prinz von Sachsen-Gessaphe (adopted) (, _Margrave_of_Meissen)

GERMANY--Schaumburg-Lippe: HSH Prince Ernst August Alexander Christian Viktor Hubert / Heir: HSH Prince Heinrich-Donatus (, _Prince_of_Schaumburg-Lippe)

GERMANY--Waldeck & Pyrmont: HRH Prince Wittekind / HRH Prince Carl-Anton (, _Prince_of_Waldeck_and_Pyrmont) GERMANY--Württemberg: HRH Carl, Duke of Württemberg / Heir: HRH Prince Friedrich (,_Duke _of_W%C3%BCrttemberg)

GERMANY (The "de jure" sovereign high nobility of the former Holy Roman Empire are considered royalty and are composed of dukes, princes, and counts --- too many to keep track of) (See Chapters: "Sovereignty and Mediatization" and "Sovereignty and Royalty," under the article "Sovereignty & The Future of Nobility and Royalty")

GHANA--Ashanti:: HM Asantehene Osei Tutu II ( _Nana_Osei_Tutu_II)

GRENADA: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( United_Kingdom) GREECE: HM King Constantine II of the Hellenes / Heir: HRH Crown Prince Pavlos (

HAWAII: H.R.H. Prince Quentin Kuhio Kawananakoa / Heir: HRH Prince Kincaid Kawananakoa (

INDIA (The "de jure" sovereign princes of the Empire of India (maharajas, rajas, etc. of former kingdoms and principalities --- too many to keep track of) INDONESIA: (The "de jure" sovereign princes of Indonesia (sultand, rajas, etc. of former kingdoms and principalities --- too many to keep track of, however, eventually, they will be added to the article entitled "The Return of Royalty to Indonesia")

IRAN: HIH Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi / Heir presumptive: HIH Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi ( ( IRAQ: HRH Prince Ra'ad, Head of the Royal Family ('ad)

IRAQ: HRH Prince Sharif Ali Bin al-Hussein, claimant, Head of the "Iraq Constitutional Monarchy" association ( ITALY: HRH Prince Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples, Duke of Savoy / Heir: HRH Prince Emanuel Filiberto, Prince of Venice ( ITALY: HRH Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta, Duke of Savoy / Heir: HRH Prince Aimone, Duke of Apulia (

ITALY--Parma: HRH Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma and Piacenza / Heir: HRH Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, Prince of Piacenza, Duke of Madrid ( _of_Bourbon-Parma,_Duke_of_Parma) ITALY--Tuscany: HRH Archduke Sigismund, Grand Duke of Tuscany / Heir: HRH Archduke Amadeo (, _Grand_Duke_of_Tuscany)

ITALY--Two Sicilies: HRH Prince Charles de Bourbon, Duke of Castro and Calabria / Designated Heir: HRH Prince Antoine of Bourbon (There is a movement to unify both families) ( ( _Duke_of_Castro)

ITALY--Two Sicilies: HRH Infante Don Carlos, Duke of Calabria, Infante of Spain / Heir: HRH Prince Pedro Giovanni María Alejo Saturnino y Todos los Santos, Duke of Noto (There is a movement to unify both families) ( ( 2C_Duke_of_Calabria)

JAMAICA: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( _II_of_the_United_Kingdom)

JAPAN: HIM Emperor Akihito / Heir: HIH Crown Prince Naruhito ( JORDAN: HM King Abdullah II bin Al Hussien / Heir: HRH Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah (

KOREA: HIH Prince Lee Ku, Hereditary Prince Imperial of Korea died recently. He is survived by his daughter, but it is unclear at this time who will be the rightful successor. ( /mi_m0WDQ/is_2005_July_25/ai_n14940671)

KUWAIT: HH Emir Sabah IV Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah ( _Al-Ahmad_Al-Jaber_Al-Sabah)

LAOS: HRH Crown Prince Soulivong Savang (

LESOTHO: HM King Letsie III / Heir: Her Royal Highness Princess Senate Mohato Seeiso ( _Birth_2004/king.html)

LIECHTENSTEIN: HSH Prince Hans-Adam II / Heir: HSH Hereditary Prince Alois is presently functioning as regent or the soverign representative of his father. ( /fuerstliche_familie/fuerst_hans-adam2.html)

LYBIA: HRH Crown Prince Sayyid Muhammad bin Sayyid Hasan ar-Rida al-Mahdi as-Sanussi (

LUXEMBOURG: HRH The Grand Duke Henri Albért Gabriel Félix Marie Guillaume of Luxembourg / Heir: HRH Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume Jean Joseph Marie ( ( _monarchie/famgdduc.html)

MALAYSIA: HM Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Syed Putra, reigning elected Head of State (King) for five years. The king must be elected from one of the nine Sultans of the Malay States (Perak, Selangor, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Johore) (

MALTA: Elective Prince of The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta: "de jure" over past territories and still an independent subject of international law: His Most Eminent Highness the Prince and Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing as of March 11, 2008 MEXICO: HIH Count Maximilian von Goetzen-Iturbide, Prince of Mexico / Heir: HIH Prince Fernando (www.casaimperial .org/index2.htm)

MONACO: HMSH Prince Albert II, The Sovereign Prince of Monaco ( /wwwnew.nsf/Home)

MONTENEGRO: HRH Crown Prince Nikola II / Heir: HRH Grand Duke Boris, Hereditary Prince Petrovic-Njegos of Montenegro ( MOROCCO: HM Mohammed Ben Al-Hassan / Heir: HRH Prince Moulay Hassan ( (

NEPAL: HM King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev (recently deposed) /Heir: HRH Crown Prince Paras Bir Bikram Shah Dev ( .np/english.php)

NETHERLANDS: HM King Willem-Alexander / Heir: Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria, Princess of Orange ( /english/index.jsp)

NEW ZEALAND--Maori: King Tuheitia Paki (

NEW ZEALAND: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( _of_the_United_Kingdom)

NORWAY: HM Harald V / Heir: HRH Crown Prince Haakon (

NUMI/AFRICA/USA:  Numi became a Moorish Kingdom-nation-state belatedly - in 2010, when the city-state of the Ohio, along with, North America, Central, and South America, as well as surrounding islands. Amexem Al Moroc, Morocco, West Africa, Northwest Africa, were united under Heir: HRM King Muj'Dib Jamel El'Ose /
HRM Queen Muj'Dib Saidah El'Ose.

OMAN: HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al-Said ( /hmspage/tribute.asp)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( _II_of_the_United_Kingdom)

PORTUGAL: HRH Dom Duarte, Duke of Bragança / Heir: HRH Prince Dom Afonso, Prince ofBeira ( QATAR: HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani / Heir: HH Tameem Bin Hamad Al Thani (

ROMANIA: HM King Michael I passed away in 2017 / Her Royal Highness, Margarita, is now the head of the Royal House, which was made by royal decree or a change in succession rules made on 30 December 1997 (

RUSSIA: HIH Grand Duchess Maria Wladimirovna / Heir: HIH Grand Duke George Mikhailovich ( /honoursaward/honours/433.html)

RUSSIA: HH Prince Nicholas Romanovich (

RWANDA: HM King Yuhi VI (

SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( the_United_Kingdom)

SAINT LUCIA: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( _II_of_the_United_Kingdom)

SAINT VINCENT AND THE GREADINES: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( _II_of_the_United_Kingdom)

SAUDI ARABIA: HM King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz / Heir: HRH Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, Crown Prince (

SOLOMON ISLANDS: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( _II_of_the_United_Kingdom)

SOUTH AFRICA--Bafokena: His Majesty King Kgosi Leruo T. Molotlegi (

SOUTH AFRICA--Xhosa: HM King Zwelonke Sigcawu ( _South?Africa&set_id=1&click_id=0&art _id=vn20060129110513717C220467)

SOUTH AFRICA--Zulus: HM King Goodwill Zwelithini (

SPAIN: HM King Felipe VI / Heir: HRH Infante Leonor, Princess of Asturias ( SWAZILAND: HM King Mswati III (

SWEDEN: HM King Carl XVI Gustaf / Heir: HRH Crown Princess Victoria ( 61065eb9aeea80002271.html)

THAILAND: HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) / Heir: HRH Crown Prince Mah Vajiralongkorn ( TIBET, Kingdom of: His Holiness, the Dalai Lama ( (

TONGA: HM King Tupouto'a Lavaka / Heir apparent: Siaosi Manumataongo, Crown Prince ( (

TURKEY: H.I.H. Osman Bayezid Osmanoglu, Prince of the Ottoman Empire / Presumptive Heir: HIH Prince Sehzade Dündar Aliosman Efendi ( /Bayezid_Osman) ( %BCndar_Aliosman)

TUVALU: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales ( _II_of_the_United_Kingdom)

UGANDA--Buganda: HM Kabaka Rodney Muwenda Mutebi II ( /muwendamutebi.php) UGANDA--Bunyoro-Kitara: HM King Solomon Gafabusa Iguru ( (See: "The King and the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara" UGANDA--Busoga: His Royal Highness Isebantu Kyabazinga (HRH Henry Wako Muloki) ( ( UGANDA--Toro: HM King Oyo Nyimba Kabambaiguru Rukidi IV ( /07king.html?ex=1254888000&en=597a11c320 bb3439&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan, reigning elected President of Ruling Body consisting of seven Sheikdoms or Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain) (

UNITED KINGDOM: HM Queen Elizabeth II / Heir: HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (

VATICAN CITY: HH Benedict XVI (sovereign prince of an internationally recognized independent territory or government) / Heir: by election of the Cardinals

VIETNAM: HIH Prince Bao Thang / Heir: HIH Prince Bao An ( WALLIS and FUTURA:

(French overseas territory composed of three islands) Three kings, representing three traditional chiefdoms, are members of the Territorial Assembly: Tomasi Kulimoetoke II--died May 7, 2007 no successor yet, Soane Patita Maituku, Visesio Moeliku, the Head of State is the President of France ( /Tomasi_Kulimoetoke_II) ( /Soane_Patita_Maituku) ( /Wallis_and_Futuna)

YEMEN: HRH Prince 'Ageel bin Muhammad al-Badr Hamidaddin, Saif al-Islam / Heir: HRH Prince Muhammad al-Hassan bin 'Ageel Hamidaddin (

YUGOSLAVIA & SERBIA: HRH Crown Prince Alexander / Heir: HRH Hereditary Prince Peter (

ZANZIBAR: HM Sultan Jamshid bin Abdullah Al-Said ( /arabia/zanzibar.html)