The adoption of the Ogoni Nation

Royal Decree:

Adoption of the Ogoni Tribal Nation into the Kingdom of Numidoria Embracing Human Rights and Unity in the Kingdom of Numidoria By the Authority of HRM King: Muja'Dib Jamel El'Sori-Oser In the sacred halls of solidarity, on this poignant occasion of the 28th Anniversary Commemoration of the Ogoni 9, as convened by the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People USA (MOSOP USA/ Ogoniland Nigeria Africa) in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 12th, 2023, we, the Kingdom of Numidoria, embark on a historic journey by extending our sovereign embrace to the esteemed Ogoni Tribal Nation.

As the sun sets over our united aspirations, we commit ourselves to a steadfast pledge—protecting human rights and fostering unity within the Kingdom of Numidoria. This decree serves as the cornerstone of our commitment to the welfare of our people and the collective strength of our diverse communities.

Article I: Unity in Mourning: On this day, our hearts resonate with the poignant memories of the Ogoni 9, martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice for justice and environmental rights. In solidarity, the Kingdom of Numidoria stands united in mourning, joining hands with the Ogoni people to commemorate the bravery and resilience that define this pivotal moment in history.

Article II: Adoption into Numidoria: In a gesture echoing through the corridors of time, the Kingdom of Numidoria formally and joyfully adopts the Ogoni Tribal Nation into the folds of our sovereign realm. This historic act of kinship transcends borders, symbolizing our commitment to shared values, cultural respect, and harmonious coexistence.

Article III: Cultural Preservation and Exchange: Recognizing the vibrant cultural tapestry of the Ogoni people, the Kingdom of Numidoria pledges unwavering support for the preservation and integration of Ogoni traditions. A comprehensive cultural exchange program shall be inaugurated, weaving the rich heritage of the Ogoni people into the very fabric of Numidorian identity.

Article IV: Economic Partnership: The Kingdom of Numidoria and the Ogoni Tribal Nation embark on a journey of economic collaboration. Joint ventures in trade, commerce, and sustainable development shall be cultivated, ensuring the prosperity and well-being of both nations. This partnership seeks to harness the strengths of each, creating a harmonious synergy that uplifts both Numidoria and the Ogoni people.

Article V: Educational and Technological Collaboration: A commitment to fostering knowledge and innovation lies at the heart of our alliance. The Kingdom of Numidoria and the Ogoni Tribal Nation pledge to establish collaborative educational and technological initiatives. Scholarly exchange programs, research partnerships, and technological advancements will be actively pursued to empower the youth and cultivate intellectual growth.

Article VI: Mutual Defense and Support: Bound by the spirit of fraternity, the Kingdom of Numidoria and the Ogoni Tribal Nation solemnly pledge mutual defense and support. In times of need, our nations shall stand as one, facing challenges together, and reinforcing the strength of our alliance. This commitment to collective security ensures the safeguarding of both Numidorian and Ogoni interests.

Article VII: Diplomatic Relations: Formalizing our commitment to international cooperation, diplomatic relations will be established between the Kingdom of Numidoria and the Ogoni Tribal Nation. Open channels of communication, transparency, and collaborative decision-making will define our diplomatic engagement, fostering a relationship built on trust and shared goals.

Article VIII: Renewal of Friendship: This royal decree is not just a symbol of adoption but a profound renewal of enduring friendship. As we embark on this collaborative journey, let the bonds forged be unbreakable. May the path ahead be one of shared prosperity, respect, and cultural richness, echoing through the generations to come.

Article IX: Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability: The Kingdom of Numidoria, in partnership with the Ogoni Tribal Nation, commits to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Joint initiatives shall be undertaken to address ecological challenges, promoting responsible resource management, and adopt eco-friendly practices for the benefit of both nations and the global community.

Article X: Healthcare and Social Welfare Collaboration: Recognizing the importance of the health and well-being of our Subjects, the Kingdom of Numidoria and the Ogoni Tribal Nation shall collaborate on healthcare initiatives and social welfare programs. Accessible and quality healthcare facilities will be developed, ensuring the prosperity and happiness of our people.

Article XI: Artistic and Sporting Exchange: Celebrating the diversity of our cultural expressions, the Kingdom of Numidoria and the Ogoni Tribal Nation shall foster artistic and sporting exchange programs. This aims to promote mutual understanding, appreciation for each other's talents, and the cultivation of a vibrant cultural landscape.

"A New Chapter in the History of our Kingdom and the Ogoni Tribal Nation"

On behalf of the Ogoni people worldwide, and MOSOP USA, I sincerely appreciate His Royal Majesty King Muja’Dib Jamel, Grand Chancellor Al Bartell of Numidoria. His Cousin, the Queens, and his royal entourage honored our invitation and attended our conference. Most importantly, the sealed relationship which now exists between the two nations.

His Royal Majesty, the Ogoni people, and MOSOP USA appreciate you, the Kingdom of Numidoria, and the African Diaspora for the adoption of the Ogoni Nation. I believe that your collaboration with MOSOP USA will indeed liberate Ogoni.

Ogoni needs to be free from internal colonization, oppression, intimidation, domination, total neglect, and annihilation which draws the extinction of Ogoni closer every second.

Words can not express the joy in my heart that Ogoni has gotten a true friend who will stand side by side with Ogoni in our non-violent war against the two hundred million Nigerians, the multibillion-national Oil company, Shell, who have waged their violence, and ecological war against harmless, and defenseless Ogoni people.

I sincerely pray that God Almighty will strengthen the union and bless us with favor, good friends, sympathizers, and international or global support.


Elder DineBari Augustine Kpuinen President, MOSOP USA

 President, MOSOP USA

Welcome to MOSOP 
Elder DineBari Augustine Kpuinen President, MOSOP USA

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, United States of America (MOSOP-USA) is a non-governmental, non-political, developmental, and cultural organization of the Ogoni people. MOSOP-USA is an affiliate of the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP). It aims to promote democratic awareness among the Ogoni people, protect the Ogoni environment, and to struggle non-violently for the rights of the indigenous people of Ogoni.


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Organizing Secretary 
Royal Ambassador:
Tomba Lemi

Georgiana Tomba Lemi embodies the values and ideals that resonate with our institution, and her commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with our mission. As a Royal Ambassador, Georgiana will play a pivotal role in strengthening our relationships, fostering understanding, and promoting the cultural richness that defines our community.

With a background marked by leadership, cultural awareness, and a passion for positive change, Georgiana Tomba Lemi brings a unique perspective that will undoubtedly contribute to the vibrancy and inclusivity of our community.

We eagerly anticipate the positive impact she will make as she assumes her role as a representative and advocate for our esteemed institution.


(MOSOP USA) Royal Ambassador for Numidoria
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Public Relations Officer:

Pastor: TomBari Samuel Nweemuu.

Pastor TomBari Samuel Nweemuu, the esteemed Public Relations Officer of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) USA.

In the tapestry of our organization, Pastor TomBari stands as a dedicated and tireless advocate, working hand in hand with The Kingdom of Numi to further the noble goals and aspirations of MOSOP.

Pastor TomBari's commitment to the cause is unwavering, and his role as the Public Relations Officer underscores his dedication to effective communication, community engagement, and the promotion of MOSOP's mission.

With a heart devoted to service and a passion for positive change, Pastor TomBari Samuel Nweemuu plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of MOSOP and fostering connections within the community.

This is the man working tirelessly with me in MOSOP


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